I’m thinking?

I will be at the Dem National Convention on Sept 2-7 2012.  Ayse and I are excited about it and “fired up and ready to go” to reelect President Barack Obama.  I will start this diary today and continue until the end of the Convention.  I thought a peek into the inner mechanics of getting there and happenings at the Convention may be of interest. 

I am a retired Family Physician after almost 40 years in practice and almost 30 of those in my own office.  I used NPs and visited patients in the hospital, at home, in the nursing home, and in the office.  I also hold an MPH degree and was a past Chairman of the Reading Board of Health, worked on the Town Ad Hoc Committee on Health Insurance, a short time member of the Reading Coalition Against Drug Abuse, and practiced addiction medicine for some time.  As an over 10 year member of the PNHP it has been my focus to bring about some form of single payer health insurance.  When Howard Dean asked his supporters to join their local Democratic Committees, I did.  I have been an elected member since 2004 and am an elected delegate to the State Convention in June, my fifth time.  Besides my wonderful wife, I have 3 adult daughters.  So that’s some of me.