Let’s go over the mechanics of how you get to be a delegate.  First you have to be a Democrat as of a certain date(Feb 15th this year).  In March a form had to be completed to apply to be a delegate and/or alternate delegate and who you support for President.  No brainer there.  Then the politicking begins.  There are 32 towns in the 6th District in Massachusetts and in order to be known it becomes important to visit and talk to as many town chairs and members as possible.  Emailing, newspaper releases, getting help from fellow Reading Town Committee members was also in the mix.  Finally on caucus day(Peabody HS April 21st, 10am) your creds as a Democrat are checked and you are issued a paper button to display so you can vote.  With a nominator and 2 seconds you sign in as a candidate.  Rep John Tierney ran the proceedings and made sure only 2 minutes were used to introduce yourself to the caucus attendees.  Four candidates did not show up(3 men and 1 woman) leaving 6 candidates to vie for 4 slots on the male side and allowed election by acclimation on the women’s side since 4 women were running for 4 female positions.  The 4 male delegates were long time pols but the alternate seat was a race between 2 relative newcomers.  I prevailed with 59% of the vote, a result beyond my expectations.  I am truly grateful to have this opportunity of a lifetime.  At my exercise class today, my instructor, who is a Democrat, felt compelled to bring my success to the rest of the group(all women).  I told them I challenged my competition to a push up contest and won.  On to Charlotte!!!!ImageImage