Things are on the move and starting to get organized.  The At-Large Delegates were chosen today at Newton North H.S.  After their selection all delegates met to endorse the Chair of the Delegation(John Walsh) and Honorary Chair(Deval Patrick).  The Standing Committees were also set by voice votes of those selected by the National Democratic Committee.  They are as follows:


1. Ann Roosevelt

2. Marianne Karmel

3. Phil Johnston

4. Joe Steinfeld     They will meet during the Summer.


1. Margaret Rolph

2. Micho Spring

3. Joe Barrerra

4. Miniard Culpepper  They will meet the weekend before Convention


1. Bill Dooling

2. Eric Ramanathan

3. Nurys Camargo

4. Winelia Rivera  They will meet the weekend before Convention

There will be a calendar of daily events but it has not been settled as yet.  Hotel cost will be $160 per night.  On Monday, Sept 3rd, there will be a Labor and Celebration of the South event.  More details will follow to delegates by email.  Floor access for the 4th and 5th is limited and entry credentials will be distributed by State Delegations at breakfast in their hotels each day.  On the 6th the night the President  speaks all will be welcome at the B of A Stadium.  Spouses may attend the Delegation breakfast.

Our hotel is only 2 blocks from the Convention Site.  However comfortable shoes were advised.  Keep posted as more developments crop up.