Elizabeth Warren is under attack by Scott Brown and his minions. They have sunk to the low levels of politicking that characterizes the current Republican base.  It is time to fight back.  Below is an email from Mindy Myers, Elizabeth’s Campaign Manager, on the real scoop about our candidate’s background.  President Obama will face the same type of barrage from the Republican Distortion Machine.  At the National Convention we must develop strategy to counteract and more importantly, reframe the issues to more substantive problems that Americans really care about.  


Recently, Scott Brown and his Republican friends have been launching negative attacks in the media about Elizabeth Warren’s Native American heritage. We know that you may talk with people who have questions about this issue, so we wanted to make sure you had the facts:

  1. Elizabeth is proud of her family and her Native American heritage. It is something her mother and grandmother talked about often as she was growing up — and she is not going to let Scott Brown or the Republican attack machine take that away from her.

  2. She did not benefit from her heritage when applying to college or law school, and public documents reporters have seen make that clear.

  3. The people who recruited and hired for her various teaching jobs are on the record, saying it was her skill as a teacher and accomplishments as a scholar that earned her those jobs and her heritage played no role in her hiring — they had no knowledge of her heritage. In fact, Charles Fried, the former Solicitor General in the Reagan administration and a Scott Brown supporter in 2010, headed the committee that recruited Elizabeth to Harvard and is on the record unequivocally saying her heritage played no role in her hiring by Harvard.

  4. Elizabeth has answered questions from the media on this topic on multiple occasions, repeatedly addressing these issues. Elizabeth believes that it is important to focus on what’s important to working families all across Massachusetts — like building a strong economy and creating jobs, making college affordable, protecting health care and Social Security, and leveling the playing field for middle class families.

  5. Don’t let Scott Brown’s attacks on Elizabeth distract us from his record. It’s important to keep working to make sure everyone knows Scott Brown’s record — voting to protect tax breaks for big oil, double interest rates on student loans, support Wall Street’s attempts to water down reform, and against President Obama’s Buffet rule. We need your help to spread the word about Scott Brown’s record standing up for Wall Street and big oil, of voting in line with the national Republican agenda, instead of standing with middle class families.

Remember — Wednesday’s independent Suffolk University / Channel 7 poll showed that 69% of voters believe that Elizabeth’s heritage is not an important issue in this campaign.  That same poll showed Elizabeth closing Scott Brown’s nine-point advantage to make this race a virtual dead heat — at the same time Brown and his Republican attack machine were trying to focus attention on this issue.

We need your help letting people know the facts and making sure they know about Scott Brown’s record.

Mindy Myers
Campaign Manager
Elizabeth for MA