Seven of nine delegates from the 6th congressional district gathered to meet and greet at Margaret Somer’s home in Swampscott, a stone’s throw from the Atlantic Ocean.  Tom Larkin from Bedford could not attend and in addition I forgot to put my picture in.  I guess I was too wrapped up on being the official photographer for the evening.  Veterans of the National Convention shared their experience and tips for having a great and exhilarating time in Charlotte this September.  We talked about our personal lives and background and naturally politics, expressing concerns, hopes, and media generated horse races. Most of the conversation as Democrats was our commitment to better the lives of all.  On that topic I offer an article from the NY Times this am. Controversial for sure but food for thought.  Below are some photos of the fete(captions are read left to right).

Celebratory Cake

Margaret Somer, Swampscott, Katherine Bayliss,  Stella Pierce, Beverly, Ayse Green, my wife, Reading

Stanley Slepoy, Rowley

Lou Masciello, Salisbury, Att Edwards(The wife of Ralph), Beverly, Katherine Bayliss, Gloucester Marianne Rutter, Boxford

Stella Pierce, Ayse Green

Stanley Slepoy, Ralph Edwards, Beverly