As we head to the Convention we are now being flooded with stories that Mr. Romney is whoopin’  President Obama in the Pac money contest.  What should be made of all this?  Here is the link to one of those articles and my comment to it as OETKB(old enough to know better).

What’s with the peeing contest?  So the Republicans have more rich guys or more singular wealth than the Democrats.  Not any surprise and less meaningful than how they think the economy should run.  In contrast to right wing blather it is evident that these over endowed Romney supporters believe in Socialism for their tiny constituency.  Even though they already have more money than God they want the rest of us to pay them even more via government.  Remember Mr. Romney said out loud  “We don’t need more police, firemen, or teachers.”  Also he adamantly stated “Corporations are people.”  Now the last time I looked Corporations have no human organs, intellect, or emotions but the public servants he mentioned have all those characteristics.  Conglomerates certainly derive from human effort as a product just like a washing machine.  Somehow the .1% don’t realize such machines are not citizens of the United States.  They vigorously insist we must continue to give to their Daddy Warbucks club.  Why?  Because they have more and it is their entitlement and should be gratis.  Given their way there would be a less protected, less educated society and we should be at their beck and call.  This defies logic.  They know it because they are ashamed of this position since they try desperately to hide their identities as contributors to Super Pacs.  Their excuse.  They are putting their lives at risk by making such donations.  More likely they know that they are callously taking advantage of the American public to enrich themselves by removing wealth from those with much less.  They believe in zero sum games(I win, you lose) with no regard for the erosion of our economic well being as a nation.  Some patriots these guys are.  They should be put out of business.  Instead of being capitalists they act like Communists using their wealth to run the country as an economic dictatorship and taking away our Freedoms.  Let’s wake up and smell the roses.