So it’s Paul Ryan chosen to be on the Republican ticket.  The news calls him self reliant because of some hard knocks in his life including his Dad’s death when he was 16 and having to pitch in to help with his demented grandmother who moved into the home during that time.  However economically there is no evidence of being stressed.  He was the recipient of family money as well as payments from Social Security.  His family imbued him with conservative philosophy growing up.  He went ever rightward at Miami University coming to embrace the message of Ayn Rand’s writing.  His world view makes no allowance for people who do not have the resources to deal with life problems or do not have the opportunities that he had.  His education is therefore incomplete. However he joins Gov Romney who has the same truncated philosophy.  So the contest is enjoined and we have to see what path the American people put the most stock in.  Does a Social Contract as embodied in our Constitution’s Preamble mean something or does it need a Republican rewrite?