Wow.  After the quietness of getting here on airplanes Sunday night the action has begun.  What an upper.  A drink and snack with a fellow delegate from Newton, Ma.  The conversation was heady especially on the subject of increasing the deserved appeal of Elizabeth Warren to voters.  Behind us were a who’s who of prominent Afro American politicians and movers and shakers.  Rev Jesse Jackson, Maxine Waters, Tavis Smiley to name a few.  I did not lay my head down until after 1am.

A knock on the door of our room brought coffee and tea at 5:30am.  After a brief struggle to gather myself and a welcome shower it was off to mix with my fellow Mass delegates in the Cyprus Room of the Omni.  A reporter from the Patch Newspapers interviewed me and so caught up in the experience I found it hard to cut myself off.  I tried to convey that our candidates understand 3 basic principles.  We stand for freedom from harm from our government.  In international and domestic policy we must work to develop a sense of security so society can work.  We believe in a Social Contract that understands that people make individual choices but rely on their fellow citizens to achieve those dreams or maybe just a livable life.  In return we must be aware ourselves that we must give back in turn.  Lastly we believe our government must support improved survival for all and know when it is not being done in individual society.  Better health, better transportation, an educated populace are all legitimate purposes of government.  After the interview it was eating time.  Breakfast was hearty but the messages from the lectern even more uplifting.  We heard from Chairman Walsh who roused the crowd with getting to work to elect Barack Obama and Elizabeth Warren.  It was not just empty rhetoric but on the money why we need these two individuals as part of our government.  Jesse Jackson, Keith Ellison, and Suzanne Bump roused our delegation with making sure we understood what our task was as Democrats.  We have to work to elect people who will help all in this country not just a selected group.  The invisible hand of capitalism is too imperfect and not all people’s actions are in sync with progress.   There is more to do the rest of the day but tune in tomorrow am for that.  Signing off.