The breakfast meetings for the Massachusetts Delegation is a Democrat’s Nirvana.  Yesterday’s speakers included David Simas, Deval Patrick, Mayor of Minneapolis R T Rybak, Robert DeLeo, Elizabeth Warren(Yes the Massachusetts fighter for working stiffs showed up, contrary to Scott Brown at his), and that Democrat rouser, Howard Dean ended the morning with a call to arms and laid out what it would mean if Mitt Romney and Scott Brown are elected.  My schedule was full but it allowed me some exercise.  Being a Rotary member I walked over a mile to the Crown Plaza where they hold their meetings.  Bad luck.  No meeting because of the Convention.  Luckily I caught a DNCC shuttle bus back to the Convention Center and met up with my wife for lunch.  She was hanging out at the MSNBC site where Democratic support was in full force.

In the afternoon it was a panel on the Massachusetts health plan with Mass players Jim Roosevelt, Tufts CEO, MGH, health law lawyer, Martha Coakley, and a director of the Community Health Center.  Of course it was a day to glow about Massachusetts but those of us on the more progressive side know it will need major tweaking as time goes on.  What was touted was a 67% favorable rating for Massachusetts health insurance but we know in Canada their Medicare, that’s what they call it, gets an 87% approval.  We have a 20% gap to close.  After the meeting I was interviewed on camera for a medical news newsletter, Med Page.  They wanted to hear my take on Obamacare and whether it will be received with open or closed arms in the state.  So my take it will be a state by state project and hopefully waivers will allow them to shape the implementation of the law to help their citizens have affordable health care.  I am especially interested to see how a Medicare type approach in Vermont will work out.

Leaving that forum I traveled by foot in the rain to a reception for the MDP at the Mimosa Restaurant.  To get there I had to go through barricades and police.  Once inside it was quite a spread but was delighted to try hush puppies, trout/crab cakes, fried oysters, and my new favorite shrimp with spicy grits, y’all.  It was my dinner.

So then it was on to the Time-Warner Arena and the first night of speeches and a chance to hear first hand from labor, people helped by Obamacare, women legislators, our governor, and the coup de grace of Julian Castro and Michelle Obama.  The enthusiasm and diversity of those fists beating for 4 more years tingled everything in my body and made tears flow.  As an alternate delegate I was seated in the nose-bleed section of the TWA but it gave me a chance with an excellent sound system and large screens to see the whole scene play out before me.  There also was some drama when an alternate delegate thought she could reserve seats when they were scarce as hen’s teeth.  A firm but kind usher told her she could not do that and people were able to finally sit in those places.  Afterwards filing out of arena, I noticed the usher and told her “You did a good job.  It was tough work.”  Her smile was worth a million bucks to me.  The little people do not get the recognition they warrant enough IMO.

The night ended inside the arena with a benediction from an Evangelical from Tennessee.  She called for blessing everyone who is making efforts to make this country successful whether we agree with them or not.  One of those blessings went to Mitt Romney in the hall of the Democratic Convention.

I got back to the Omni Hotel and with my wife schmoozed with my fellow delegates.  We all were on a terrific high.  We were overwhelmed with our supporters and our political talent.  We all felt if that arena were a ballpark then the bleachers in center field would have been inundated with home runs.

After a martini straight up with olives it was 1am.  To bed and the next day.  I awoke at 7:30am but made it to the breakfast to get my credentials.  We were treated with great stories and speeches from many notables. Ed Markey, newly married Barney Frank(he told the tale of Myth Romney versus Mitt Romney as governor of Mass), Bill Galvin, economist Alan Kreuger, Michael Dukakis(GOTV mantra), Mark Shriver(son of the late Sargent Shriver), Steve Grossman, and Martha Coakley.  The order is wrong but I put Martha last to remind me of a story she told not true but pointed.  “Scott Brown was riding around in his truck one day and spotted a 6 year old girl with kittens.  He pulled over and she told him they were Republicans.  All enthused Scott Brown one week later when Mitch McConnell was in town brought him to the same little girl.  “Tell Sen McConnell what you told me,” he asked her.  “Oh she said.  Now they are Democrats.”  “But last week you told me they were Republicans.”  “Yes,” she answered, “Over the week they opened their eyes.”

So tonight we will hear from Elizabeth Warren and President Clinton.  Tom Menino will be on earlier in evening so I want to catch him because he has been so cagey in holding back on Elizabeth Warren.

Well it’s time to go to lunch.  Tune in tomorrow.