I thought Wednesday I would ease off on caucuses and councils to save my strength for anticipated speeches from Elizabeth Warren and Bill Clinton.  By this time you know they were well received and more so by yelling, standing delegates in the hall of the Time-Warner Cable Arena.

However trying to be a good trooper I went early to start a 6 hour jaunt to observe the speeches, videos, and entertainment.  I wanted to hear what Tom Menino had to say.  Unfortunately he lived up to his reputation as Mr. Mumbles but brooked no nonsense of his negative opinion of Mitt Romney.  Sorely missing was any mention of Elizabeth Warren.  His own staff has been urging him to get on board, mainly his women staffers.  However so far no dice.  I did have a talk earlier in the week with Charles Yancy and he ran off several candidates that did not achieve a win even with his endorsement.

I have placed some newspaper responses to the speeches by Michelle Obama and Bill Clinton.  They reported the import of those speeches all right but naturally the Charlotte Observer had to take some partial digs at the President and Howie Carr presented his usual claptrap nonsense.  This hotel has an array of several newspapers to peruse.  It has been a nice stay but Howard Dean had informed us that it is owned by the Koch Brothers.  Holy smokes.

The morning breakfast was highlighted by two people very important to the Elizabeth Warren campaign.  Steve Tolman gave a rockum sockum exhortation and said the union will be out in force to GOTV for Elizabeth Warren.  He cataloged Scott Brown’s transformation from a sometime cooperative State Rep to a soldier in Mitch McConnell’s army.  Another speaker counted 3 out of 53 votes he sided with Democrats in opposition to his party.  One of which the Dodd Frank Law after he negotiated to water down its funding mechanism by putting tax payer’s responsible for oversight financing instead of the industry.  So much for keeping government spending down.  The other highlight was Donna Brazil who gave a rock star speech(her fifth that morning and it was 9:45am when she talked to us) to the Massachusetts delegation.  She stated she had visited 48 states and with 2 more she could run for Miss American but without the bikini.  She really brought the house down when she said she will come to Massachusetts to campaign for EW.  It was a tour de force.

Sorry to say I did not stay to hear Sen Kerry who will be speaking tonight but I had to get ready for a C-Span “hang out.”  After wandering the lobby and searching for a quiet space with a good signal I finally settled at a relatively calm space across from the reception desk.  It was nice to hear from enthusiastic young people on the hang out from different states.  It was a great source of pride and hope.

Well tonight’s the night.  The President will speak at the Time-Warner Arena because of thunder storm forecasts, making the B of A Stadium too risky for public safety.  Sixty five thousand people held tickets with 19,000 on the waiting list.  Second choice amends will be made but naturally people are disappointed.  My last entry will be tomorrow before heading back to Massachusetts.  I hope some of you have followed my adventure.  For me it was an emotional high to be able to absorb the energy of a historic occasion.