Well if anyone thought the top billing, namely Joe Biden and Barack Obama along with their wives, were going to play a second fiddle it did not happen.  More on this below.  Since now there were only 19,000 seats instead of 70,000 entering the Time-Warner Arena took some more planning.  I started up at 4:30 pm with a small umbrella but the rain had held off.  Once inside the umbrella was put to the side and there it was to stay since on exit I just did not feel like walking a quarter mile through crowds to pick it up.  My ticket is an alternate credential and found a seat with old friends from the Reading Democratic Town Committee, Donna Corbett and David Rall now Virginia residents,  up in the balcony.  The view again was excellent.  Preliminary speeches with personal stories of people who overcame adversity or gained education with government programs.  I then received 2 surprise texts.  My wife is a non delegate was able to secure a ticket and had seated herself 2 sections away.  I went over and exchanged a happy moment.  She had come to see the President speak in the arena and lady luck made it happen.  This was only one stroke of luck.  The second text was from someone who was a delegate from the 6th CD and we arranged a rendezvous.  The idea was to exchange credentials so I could access the Convention floor.  So for 20 minutes I sat with fellow delegates in the Massachusetts section and heard Caroline Kennedy give her speech.  It is a different type of excitement to be on the floor.  My picture was taken to document I had reached VIP status, even if it was only for half an hour.  I left and paid the price of not hearing Jennifer Granholm while I tried to get back to the balcony and reverse the process of exchanging credentials.  Finally back in my seat each speaker reflected a few themes.  Government support of education, government’s role in restoring returning soldiers from war zones to civil life, and the need for community support in playing a significant part in reaching personal goals.  A personal review by Carl Lewis dramatically focused the current Republican voter ID laws as a slap in the face for those who had put their body on the line to gain voting rights.

If you want to see who spoke since it would be a long process to try and strain my memory what each said, but generally they needled Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, spoke of broader opportunity, and the role of government in our lives.  The list and I think the speeches are available at the Convention website.  I know one thing though.  I can speak for everyone in that hall, “We’re fired up, Ready to go.”