The plane rides home went smoothly and was topped off by a 9 seater Cessna flight to Nantucket from Providence, RI.  Ayse had her head down the whole way but the flight was quite comfortable and with great views since we were flying low.  Back on the Island we picked up Molly, our Bischon, and unpacked and took a day or two to do nothing.  I am back commenting in the Globe and Times to counteract distorted views of the Convention and what was said.  Scott Brown in particular who chickened out of getting on stage had the nerve to misinterpret Elizabeth Warren’s message.  She advocated for a level playing field to help business not destroy it as some financial institutions have done to cause this deep recession.  If he had something to say he should have mounted the stage at his own Convention.  It was offered and he refused.  He states he supports the Romney/Ryan ticket but does not have the courage to face a national audience.  Aw stage fright.

I was excited to see C-Span has now put up its “hang out” interviews and I enjoyed reliving my Sept 6th appearance there.  Our host was Libby Casey from the C-Span staff, a real professional.  For those of you who would see what this was like, click here.