President Obama is winding down his eighth year in office, and history has repeated itself.  I am once more an Alternate Delegate from CD6 in Massachusetts.  Only this time there are two candidates, the one I support, Bernie Sanders, and Hillary Clinton.  My enthusiasm for Bernie Sanders is based on his stance on issues, and he has made incredible progress in bringing his message to the voting public.  In less than one year he has built a campaign staff, set up offices, and raised funds without resorting to any outside cash that has poisoned our politics for too long.

The issues:

1.  No outside money from large donors seeking non democratic influence.

2.  Single payer, Medicare For All health insurance, so your health and wallet are not at stake if you get sick.

3.  Income based on the true value of work, starting with a minimum wage of $15/hr, and true support of working people.

4.  Fight against those who wish harm to us and other nations, but no leap to regime change.

5.  Expand access to higher education, protect family income with paid family/sick leave, and remove undeserved income inequality for men and women.

6.  Tax reform so all are paying their fair share.

7.  Strengthen social rights of women, gay people, and the poor.

8.  Prison reform that reduces incarceration, and tries to help those arrested reenter civil society.

9.  Trade deals that put workers on same level worldwide with decent incomes and life necessities.

1o. Deal with Climate Change as a pressing problem to be fixed, and promote clean renewable energy sources.


So this is our guy who has a record of getting things done with the proper backing.  He has done this as an independent, but runs now as a Democrat to bring the kind of reform to “establishment politics” so long overlooked that it has taken on the patina of being the best we can do.  Nonsense.  Go Bernie.