He'sTheOne20150729Senator Bernie Sanders had announced his candidacy in May, and although I had signed on as a volunteer soon after, my efforts to get him elected had its start at a “Kickoff Party” on July, 29th(see above).

From here it was flyering, canvassing trips to NH, and phone banks. I intensified my commenting in the Globe and NY Times supporting Bernie.  Although many were tempted to use a low road to humiliate a candidate, I preferred a more positive route.

Finally I decided to become a delegate. That journey took me to emailing whoever would support my ambition, and to 18 Democratic Town Committees to ask for votes at the caucus to select Bernie delegates in Newburyport City Hall on April 9th.  The competition was fierce with 16 men running for 2 slots.  I did not make it as a full delegate, but was successful in winning as an Alternate Delegate.

On April 27th, all 8 delegates from CD6 met for dinner at Calistiri’s Restaurant in Danvers.  Greetings and information was exchanged.  I brought Asli, my daughter, who would like to be an At Large Candidate.  The selection by the State Committee takes place on May 7th.

In the meantime I’ve started thinking how to get to Philadelphia, and where I will stay.  I am also uncertain about the lay of the land in terms of where everything will take place.  Maybe I’ll find out by my next entry.