Predicted by polls to lose by 6 to 8 points in the Hoosier State, Bernie wins by 5.  It is called too little too late, but the campaign’s influence builds to have a meaningful say at the Convention. There are some 9 more contests to go to build the case for a progressive agenda, no matter who wins.

It has been suggested that Bernie is causing Party disunity.  This usually comes from the periphery of HRC’s campaign, but it is an ugly blot on modern day politics. Some have suggested that Bernie should be isolated, and stripped of a well earned chairmanship if Dems retake the Senate.  In my view it will backfire, and put the Democratic Party in the business as usual category.  I hope this does not come to pass.  Party leaders must understand that a Party is a construct, not a person.  The platform is made, and individual candidates are supported who carry forward a platform, and convince voters to vote for it.

However we will put this aside and savor this victory. Bernie should have his day.

Bernie Sanders wins Indiana

CNN projects Bernie Sanders as the winner of the Indiana primary.