It’s been quite a primary season along with maneuvering of candidates to send their most loyal delegates to the Convention as At Large, Pledged Officials, and Super Delegates.  I can only speak for Massachusetts, but there was heavy machinations at the Democratic State Committee meeting to elect Dems in the first 2 categories. Both national candidates had preferred delegates for the At Large seats, but the Clinton campaign only allowed those preferred to be At Large delegates. Others who had signed up to be selected were prevented from getting a vote.

On Bernie’s side others were permitted to run, but the preferential slate won.

pol comp iv

I will be taking Amtrak to Philadelphia, signing up as a group, and sharing a hotel room with a fellow delegate.  I will be coming from my summer residence in Nantucket, but transportation is good enough to make things go smoothly. We will be staying at the Sheraton Society Hill.


Interesting poll out today  showing Bernie beats Trump in important swing states of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida while Hillary’s margin is closer to Trump or loses in Ohio. Hard to know what moves Super Delegates, but it is something to think about as we march to the Convention and beyond.  It is apparent Bernie’s message resonates more strongly with the general population, while Hillary maintains strong with more traditional constituencies.

Ran phone bank number 13 last night from my home, but it was not pleasant. Either people hung up, or had their fill of many phone calls.  We were phoning voters in West Virginia.  We made it through 1 1/2 hours.

Finally, North Shore Bernie has been meeting weekly in Salem(Derby Joe’s) to fashion an ongoing movement to strengthen Bernie’s principles making them a political reality.  We are a work in progress.