I participated in a conference call last night with about a hundred Bernie activists trying to organize a movement.  Its purpose is putting into action the platform that brought us all into Bernie’s campaign.  Julia Barnes, a former Bernie staffer, ran the session.  The first task was not so easy. Picking a name for the “political revolution”.

Four titles, 3 with the word “Revolution” in it, and a fourth “The New Paradigm” were turned down.

Our name should be something inviting to as many as possible.   The organization should attract voters from different backgrounds or even different political persuasions.  There is also the question if the goal is to be more of an activist think tank or perhaps some stronger political entity.

However the first order of business is that name thing.  Everyone was given the task to come up with an appropriate title for ourselves.

I worked on it today.  Below are ideas from names from other organizations, Shirley Chisholm speeches, and Bernie’s ideas.

Photo on 2016-05-12 at 13.47

Alliance for Political Progress      Voter Power     People Progress   

Alliance for Political Rights    Government We Deserve    

Fulfill the Preamble   Rights Unlimited    Open the Door  

Winning the Future    Turn Over New Leaves     The Federation of Can Do Patriots

Federation of Can Do Citizens     Alliance To Secure Our Rights     Organize the Rage

Tan Power     Un-bought, Un-bossed Progress     A Country for All     Why Not?

Progress is Freedom from Harm     Stronger Nation     The Good Fight

Civil Disturbance     Our Land Too    Home for Patriots     Democracy for All

Alliance for the Advancement of Human Potential    Alliance for Bold Political Change

 Eating the Very First Oyster  Alliance       Can Do Nation     Coalition of Can Do Patriots

 Alliance for Progressive Voters