The elected delegates either by the public or the State Committee will be meeting on May 28th.  Emails have been swirling around to organize a retreat to discuss our role at the Convention and beyond.   No agenda as yet, but political pros and organizers have swung into action.

Tonight is the Oregon and Kentucky Primaries.  The former has a ripple in that voters received ballots by mail, and get to deposit them at various locations in their city.  If you are not registered as a Democrat or new to voting, this takes a trip to the polls today.

There have been strong calls to have Bernie stop campaigning.  This is a democracy, not a country that anoints its leaders.  Besides his message should be implanted deeply into the American psyche.

Apparently there was a significant dust up at a Nevada delegate caucus where who legitimate attendees should be or not was in dispute.  It was not handled well by all sides.  Well tomorrow is another day.