There is no doubt about it.  The Clinton Campaign, surrogates, and supporters want Bernie Sanders to go away.  Even the MSM are trying to push him out the door. They can’t wait to report on upcoming vapid nastiness between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

There are two articles I read today, one from the Globe and another from the NY Times, attempting to push Senator Sanders off the stage.

From the Globe:


The values battle in the general election

From the Times:


Well it looks like all of the above will not get their wish. Bernie is staying in.

The first article suggests that Hillary Clinton has some hidden assets that have not been exposed to the public.  It was written by John Sasso whose forte is a behind the scenes character building or its opposite i.e. destroying an opponent’s reputation.  It depends on who hires him.  He has not been a rousing success with his work(Dukakis and Kerry), but Dems still hire him.  They usually do so when they think they are falling behind or have been unfairly presented by their opposition.  He has what he religiously calls a “trinity” of character traits that mark a winning candidate.  In his own words:

“The most salient variables are voter perceptions of three characteristics: a candidate’s personal political strength, voters’ trust in the depth and sincerity of the candidate’s convictions and, most importantly, whether the voters think that the candidate “cares” about people like them.”

It is always interesting language when operatives use the word “perception” instead of “possessing”.  In my mind it adds to the notion that things are made up.  He also thinks Donald Trump may be outclassing Hillary Clinton in public persona.  As a Clinton supporter himself, it is an odd way to promote someone for office.  He seems to be saying that Ms. Clinton really has these qualities, even if she hasn’t shown them for over 20 years.  This is not a winning strategy in my book.

The article from the Times is way out of context.  Bernie is talking about promoting his candidacy, and what it stands for, not trying to make it less likely if Clinton wins the Democratic nomination, she will lose the general election.  He has no such power.  Bernie also wants to reform future Democratic primaries, not this one.  There is work to be done there.

Fear has spread over the establishment and overly loyal Democratic Party members.  I know they want the race to be over, but they should heed Yogi Berra’s admonition:  “It’s not over til’ it’s over.”  They’re a bunch of nervous nellies.  If Hillary Clinton and the mainstay Democrats can’t put together an operation to defeat Donald Trump without over reliance on backhanded methods, Ms. Clinton is in trouble.  Bernie Sanders has nothing to do with it.

Feeling the Bern means being fired up with a set of proposals a candidate is making, not causing one to melt from them.  He is running for high office, and has a duty to show his disagreements with Secretary Clinton.  Her record is already widely known, his is not.  Therefore Bernie has every right and obligation to bring his considerable record to the electorate, especially where he differs from his opponent.