Political life in this election season is heating up with the weather.  The Philadelphia Convention will sizzle not just with the temperature, but also with the struggle to settle on what Democrats will stand for, and who deserves to lead those policies.  It looks like the Clinton Campaign and the DNC have seen the light to the extent of adequate representation on the Platform Committee by both campaigns.

In the midst of this the Clinton Campaign is having a hard time deciding whether to continue Bernie as a “non Democrat” or welcome him strongly into the Party.  Depending on the latter, this will determine the strength of unity between the two candidates.

In the meantime Mr. Trump has revoked his pledge to self finance his run, and is approaching the usual funders of Republicans.  It seems he must show one dose of reversing himself daily.  Maybe some day someone will analyze how he has attracted followers.

In preparation for the Convention, Massachusetts Bernie Delegates will assemble in Westport to bring a unified front to Philadelphia.  Reforming the primary system and influencing the Platform to be more clear in its progressive message.  Steve Camara has generously opened his summer home for a meeting place.  So far about 20 of us have RSVP’d for the event.

Two of us started phone banking into California.  Always hard to tell how much impact you are having.  It is always worth it to say you gave it the college try.  Voting in California is semi closed, in that only Dems and No Preference voters can participate.  For Dems it is a no brainer to vote, but NP voters have to submit a separate form to vote.  We were advised it was best to register as a Democrat because at the polls a NP voter may be made provisional, and not be counted.  Always something to interfere with the vote.