Bernie arrived at half time at the Warriors/Thunder 7th playoff game with Golden State behind.  He sat down, greeted fans, and watched.  The Globe thinks he was a good luck charm because the Warriors won.  Bernie saw it differently.  “I like come from behind victories!”, he said.  At that moment he was ending his day as the happy tireless warrior.  Down to my toes I believe anyone who hears him, and yearns for change to make a better America, can not deny his appeal.

Meantime I traveled to Arlington on Memorial Day, not for a cookout, but to shout out for Bernie via a phone bank along with 9 other supporters.  They looked like the face of this country, almost all of us the children or grandchildren of immigrants.

They are aware of what happens when we stand together to unleash the potential of this nation.  They understand when we stick together, putting our best foot foot forward, we see the progress that is only a collective political will away.

So we continue to insist on a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people”.  No matter if it borders on near extinction these day, the citizens can still rise up, and revive a “new birth of freedom”.