California et al voting takes place in 2 days.  The polls teeter back and forth.  Bernie is drawing big crowds.



Secretary Clinton 2 days ago put forth what she called a “foreign policy speech” basically touting what she may have accomplished as SOS, but I’m not sure how to truly evaluate it. Most of her time was spent mocking and humiliating Donald Trump using his own words, and many felt it was effective.  The Donald answered back without specifics calling her “the worst Secretary of State in our history”.  He usually gets his facts wrong, and this is another statement of his that would land in the “pants on fire” category.

However it is not clear if this full throttle strategy  without mentioning a clear message of your own changed any votes.  If she is the nominee, you can bet we’ll never get to learning just what problems we face get solved.  There will be a 6 month food fight.


Some Bernie Delegates(about a dozen) met at the Olympia Restaurant in Lowell with some intending to go on afterwards to a State Convention Host Party.  We exchanged whatever information each of us had, but what to do at the Convention was not set in stone.  The only parts were supporting petitions to change the Super Delegate role, if any, for 2020.  The noon to 4pm phone bank for Bernie at the Lowell Teachers Office was also reemphasized.  Being somewhat tired I headed home instead of going to the fete for delegates, but apparently Lesley Phillips was hard at work putting together a resolution to deal with the Super Delegates, and getting some support from that gathering.

The next day before 7:30am I shared a ride with Shirley Slack, and the driver for the day, Carolyn Whiting, to attend the State Convention at the Tsongas Center in Lowell.  We signed in, and took our seats after inspecting various information tables set out around the top of the arena’s walkway.  The 5th Middlesex, that’s us, sat in the balcony just off of stage right.

This was an Agenda Convention with changes to the bylaws needing approval, and a series of resolutions for the delegates’ approval or disapproval.  Voice votes came first, and if contested followed with a show of hands for “Ay” or “Nay”.  Fifteen speakers preceded the votes, and each called for party unity, a verbal lashing of Donald Trump, or the successes of the Party.  Steve Tolman was particularly fiery, but none compared to the explosive energy Elizabeth Warren brought to the stage.  It was a half hour pummeling of Donald Trump, deservedly so, and the multitude loved it.

Next came Charter changes that all passed, essentially making it easier for candidates to run.  A resolution endorsing Single Payer to be part of the State Platform passed, and with the added sense to bring it to the National Platform Committee for inclusion on a national level.

The piece de resistance were resolutions to “thoroughly” review the role of Super Delegates, demonstrating that many did not think the present rendition was fair.  Of the three put forward, our own Lesley Phillips’s version got huge backing.  Congratulations Lesley!


The Convention adjourned, and a quarter mile walk to hear Elizabeth Warren speak on the rise of income inequality, and its causes.  In both of her speeches there were strong Bernie echoes.  Support for Bernie’s positions were sounded out further with quotes from the press stating ““I’m a superdelegate and I don’t believe in superdelegates.  I don’t think superdelegates ought to sway the election.” She remains uncommitted.


Elizabeth’s talk concluded around 2:20 pm, and workshops followed.  I attended the  “How to mobilize the Latino Voters” session.  Most reinforced my previous knowledge, but I was not aware of the actual statistics.  It was helpful.

From there it was homeward bound, and an after Chinese dinner horizontal action.  Some fun Bernie art below:

Bernie7       Bernie9