phone bank

Last night 4 of us phone banked for Bernie into NJ, and at its end came to a reality that must be faced as reasoning human beings.  Bernie will not take the nomination, but, in our view as supporters, has achieved something far greater.

A movement has organized politically to right the injustices of our time. There are many that have to worked on at 3 levels—politically, socially, and economically.  The former takes place by putting people in positions whose main purpose is to work for their communities, expanding upward to include the whole nation.  The last two categories takes coalitions of like minded citizens to push those elected and not elected to understand that together we all prosper, but will continue to fail by sticking with old ideas and entrenched traditions that no longer apply in a modern world.

people summit

Today is voting day in CA, NM, Montana, ND, SD, and NJ.  How Bernie will fare in these will certainly determine how much he gets to say at the National Democratic Convention in July.  In the meantime the media is just itching to dive into the Clinton/Trump debacle since it is a juicier media event than the struggle for human progress.  The final vote takes place in Philadelphia, not in the states voting tomorrow, since Super Delegates do not cast their votes until July at the Philadelphia Arena.

Many, mostly Hillary supporters, want Bernie to quit, and go back on his word to go all the way until the real votes are counted.  Somehow they think Secretary Clinton’s chances are being damaged by waiting another month and a half.  That is not only ridiculous, but is not what is done in a democracy.  Ms. Clinton has relied on her husband, the Democratic established elected officials, and older women’s yearning to see the first elected woman President.  Little is said of any overarching message since Ms. Clinton has been very short on producing that.

Clinton Administration

For many, questions still remain about how she has and will handle issues in office.  The Iraq War vote, Libya, support of a no fly zone, an insufficient minimum wage, draconian immigration policy, weak health insurance reform, a tendency to be a Joanny-Come-Lately on social issues, all make for an unclear future under her Administration.

A satisfactory answer for her is “the American people have evolved” therefore my position has done the same.  This is not what modern leadership entails, meaning reforms that affect the minority of our down on their luck population will have to wait.  There is no “can do” vision to see that turning arounds lives resulting in positive ripples affecting everyone.

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