Bernie only took 2 small states on June 7th, and Hillary had comfortable margins in CA and NJ.  Bernie will still carry on until the last primary, Washington DC.  However after meeting with President Obama, the Prez endorsed HRC.  Later in the same evening Elizabeth Warren also backed Hillary Clinton.  However even though firm in their endorsement, there was high praise for Bernie as having strong values and his attraction to the young and independents.  There is this lingering wish that he was 20 years younger, and a lifelong Democrat.  However he would not have been who he is.  Always ahead in his thinking, but free of influence of loyalty oaths and outside wealthy donors.

On Sunday, June 12th, the NY Times columnist satirized the hour long meeting between Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton.  The thrust from Maureen Dowd, a perennial critic of the Clintons, was their alliance is more perfunctory than deep.  For the 7th time or so my comment  was picked by the Times as their “best” selection.  You can click on the link for what I said, but generally reflects the thoughts above.