Donald Trump’s crassness is making him persona non grata where it counts, the delegates who were pledged to him.  The Huffington Post reports that “dozens” who are in that situation want the rules changed to allow these delegates to vote for someone else.  They do have that power if enough of them stand up to make it so.

If this happens, chaos will reign supreme at the Republic Convention in Cleveland.  It is worth mentioning it is a week before the Democratic Convention.  In that stew of disarray, John Kasich could become the nominee since Rubio and Cruz are not particularly favorites, and the Ohio Governor is the only one who has beaten Hillary where it can do some damage, namely Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, and possibly Virginia.

Of course this heavy conjecture on my part.  Democratic Super Delegates’ loyalty  will be tested if someone like Governor Kasich becomes the nominee.  The horse race completely changes.  Granted Mr. Kasich wears his religion on his sleeve, and had to be stopped having his beliefs imposed on his own citizens at least twice by the courts and a public referendum.  He also worked as an local executive, Lehman Brothers, up until its ignominious end.  However he has favorability with the public, and in his home state. Democratic angst is sure to be released if that situation comes up.

The background noise, mostly unproven, is voter fraud in Democratic primaries, and issues hanging over the head of the Dem frontrunner.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump addresses an audience at The Fox Theatre in Atlanta               kasich-for-america-banner-2