Across the country state, by state Bernie groups and delegates are organizing to continue our quest for social, economic, and political justice.  The Clinton and Trump campaigns are mired in calling each other out along with their surrogates.  The conversation with the American people has been set aside by both camps.  Ms. Clinton was interviewed by the FBI, and she said she “welcomed it”.  No criminal activity IMO took place, but the height of stupidity prevailed on her part, added on by former President Clinton popping in for a “friendly chat” with AG Loretta Lynch just before it happened.  Totally unnecessary optics.

In the meantime Mr. Trump puts out an ad calling Ms. Clinton corrupt, but uses a 5 pointed message box with paper money in the background.  A indignant cry from media responded with a charge of antisemitism.  Unfortunate conversation box choice, but do not think Trump was making an anti Jewish statement.  His immediate family has Jewish members and HRC practices Methodism.  Just a screwup, and the self righteous condemnation will only solidify his votes.

Many intra-state and inter-state organizations for supporting Bernie’s agenda are taking shape, and more importantly communicating with each other.  There is already some 10 states or so that have reached out to each other.

The campaign wants to make sure all delegates show up.  Being there is 80% of the battle. The Platform Committee has some turns towards our campaign, the $15/hr MW, abolishing the death penalty were accepted.  They chickened out on fracking, single payer, and the TPP.  This battle is going to be won on the streets and ballot box.  SP gets a vote in Orlando.

I have to say Ms. Clinton may have won the Democratic nomination via Party stalwarts, but winning the hearts and minds of the general public is tough going.  When 3rd parties are added in, she is either tied with Trump or within the margin of error.  Both of these candidates are widely known, and yet neither commands a majority of the vote.  There may be a win for Ms. Clinton, but it will be by much less than a majority of the potential vote.  A sad state of affairs.