Racial unrest is raising its ugly head through ugly incidents.  Afro American men lost their life at the hands of police.  Police lost their lives as the butt of individual anger by other instances.  These events occurred within a week.  My view is our history has emblazoned major discomfort and distrust among our citizens by their phenotype or by where they live.  Answers do not stand with the police, but the marching orders have to come from ordinary people and their elected officials.  The language and emotions are not common enough at present to ease us all into confidence that our most cherished freedom is secured.  Freedom from harm.



On the political front, Mr. Trump is still trying to put together a coherent campaign.  So far because of extra parties(Green/Libertarian) he remains too close in the polls to his rival Hillary Clinton.

The biggest political show of the week was FBI Comey’s assessment of Secretary Clinton’s use of her email.  He called it “extremely careless”, but there was no criminal intent, and recommended no charges be brought.  The DOJ followed suit and brought no charges against her or any of her close staff.  For her part Ms. Clinton, via an interview on PBS, continued to call it a “mistake” to have used a private system.  GOP legislators strongly disagreed and the saga will continue on 2 fronts.  The IG Department of the State Department will look more closely if classified documents were improperly handled, now that the FBI is done.  The House Oversight Committee will ask the FBI if Ms. Clinton lied under oath when she said that none of her emails were marked classified when they were sent.  They also set their sights on her lawyers.  Director Comey said they did not have authority to handle government information.  Apparently the FBI’s scope of inquiry did not include these issues with the claim they would have to be asked to proceed on those fronts.

The Convention itself is shaping up with parties, protests, and rallies.  So more to come.