At the final Platform Committee meeting in Orlando both Single Payer and opposition to TPP were voted down.  The nursing union representative failed to move the Clinton delegates saying this forum is the only place where Democrats disagree on these issues.  By polls, 85% of Democrats and 58% of the general public favor Medicare For All.  The same goes for the non support of TPP.

It is sad that the entrenched party members do not see the economic and general survival aspects of these two issues.  The TPP has been shown to be worker non friendly, essentially in all covered countries, and unavailable affordable health insurance costs lives.  The goal posts are non existent for these party officials as they display their political angst to ask for bolder change.  In their mind it takes away votes, but, in reality, would attract more to their side.

Worse still, too many Clinton supporters feel they are the winners and should dictate what is to be supported.  Healthy discussion is frowned upon, and refuse to see the light on the most basic problems we face.  It’s all about political calculations.