We have entered a time in this political season where the road ahead is uncertain.  The polls with a 4 way race(includes Johnson and Stein) showed Trump with a slight lead after FBI Director Comey’s “very careless” assessment of Secretary Clinton’s handling of her emails.  Now they have bounced back with some time gone by, and she is ahead by 6 to 7 points.

In the meantime Bernie Delegates are meeting all over the nation to bolster support for positions rejected by Clinton’s dominated Platform Committee.  These include rejection of TPP, abolishing fracking, introducing Medicare For All, and expansion of Social Security.  Some mechanism will be used to bring up a vote on these before the whole convention.

Other events have occurred to muddle the political minds of American citizens.  A lone unbalanced French citizen of Tunisian background drove a large truck into thousands celebrating Bastille Day in Nice.  The man was shot dead by police, but not before he killed 84 people with 200 others injured.  He had no connection to ISIS, but all parties are trying hard to make one.  If that wasn’t enough a so-called coup took place in Turkey yesterday under questionable circumstances with fingers even pointing at President Erdogan orchestrating it himself to gain more dictatorial powers.  The US had to recognize he was democratically elected, and condemned the coup.  How it will all play out is uncertain, and what the effects of these happenings on the American electorate is unknown.  The two options are no response or greater calls for heightened security.  This is already happening for the GOP convention in Cleveland.


It also clear there is going to be much human activity outside these conventions, but now the edginess of world news may make for more confrontation possible.  All in all not a good time for positive politics, but who knows.