Donald Trump and his chosen VP appeared on 60 minutes for an interview.  It was a staged performance with the nominee pulling the strings or guiding Mr. Pence’s every word.  Case in point was a question from Leslie Stahl to Mike Pence where he clearly differed with Mr. Trump.  He was stunned and silent until Mr. Trump told him to speak his mind with his “permission”(my paraphrase).  Well he didn’t, but whitewashed his answer to coincide with the “boss”.

The theme for day one of the GOP Convention is, get ready for this, “Make America Safe Again”.  The meme falls apart since the downfall was the direct result of Republican policy and actions under George Bush.  Sorry to say too many Dems also went along for the ride into the abyss.  Speakers will include a “survivor” of  Ben Ghazi, a Navy Seal, and a admiral who thought Ayotollah Homeni was still alive.

The Bernie supporters continue to shore up inside and outside activities.  Inside the strongest aim is to go on record to reject TPP via a vote on the minority report with the whole of Convention delegates.  This is scheduled to take place Tuesday, July 26.


On Saturday, July 23, the People’s Convention representing an amalgamation of over 50 Bernie aligned free-standing groups will listen to a variety of speakers while expressing their continued enthusiasm for Bernie.  The featured issues are BLM, Medicare For All, rejection of TPP, No Fracking, and expansion of Social Security.


Typo Error: Should read “We must nominate Honest Men and Women”