I want to save my energy for the Democratic Convention, but a few notes on what transpired last night in Cleveland.  First a floor fight that evaporated.  Trump opposition thought they had at least 7 states who wanted to allow a roll call vote to oust Trump.  Somehow it fizzles as 3 states dropped below the necessary signatures to make it happen under dubious circumstances.  The Colorado delegation briefly walked out in protest.

On to the speakers.  A host of people who still think they live in the Wild West strove to the microphone trying to rabble rouse members to carry out a kangaroo court against Hillary Clinton.  Spewing a string of falsehoods, they tried to make their point.  Hopefully Americans have some yardstick to measure their veracity.  Obama was even called a muslim again, and blamed for every ill they created.

Finally out of an artificial mist, came Donald Trump to introduce his former model wife#3, Melania.  She spoke well with the teleprompter, but parts of her speech were lifted from another politician’s wife…Michelle Obama.  Oh well.  The NY Times this am had a bio on her.  It chronicled her rise from small town show off, to marrying one.

I will leave it to others to summarize days 2 through 4.  However assessing the cheap shots they were taking, I think it would be wisest to contrast policy, and what policies Clinton would favor to help Americans.  If Mr. Trump tweets he will appear small if he is alone in the insult department or he will have to counter with his own proposals.

Probably won’t happen

Sen. Joni Ernst

Trump Wins Indiana Primaries Setting Path to GOP Nomination