The first day of the Convention belonged to Bernie Sanders.  Although there were attempts to soften his impact his supporters wouldn’t allow it.  He was there to repeat his support for Hillary Clinton, but only if he had correctly understood what she was willing to fight for.  15$ minimum wage, saying no to the PTT, expanding affordable health care to all, getting rid of Citizens United, and oh there was more.  The Convention crowd went mild.  Bernie as he usually does hit it out of the park.  The inevitable conclusion will come to his campaign, but from its ashes, he has formed a new organization, OUR REVOLUTION.  This is only phase one, more to come.

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Day two brought the roll call vote and ended with ex-President Clinton mundane speech. However even here Bernie won while losing.  Each state no matter if he won or lost the vote, praised what he has brought to this contest.  When the counting came to Vermont, following alphabetic order, Bernie thanked his supporters, and asked for a win for Secretary Clinton by acclimation.  Before that happened his nomination was seconded by 3 strong women who brought me to tears in their deep felt love for this man.  Everyone loves him, but a political order and being a woman took precedence over being the better candidate for the American people.

Bernie, in his wisdom, will not allow his campaign to “revolutionize” America die.  A new organization has been born, “Our Revolution”.  Back to work I guess.

I was able in the midst of all this to give a 1 minute interview to a medical newsletter, and send off my third recording.  Oy, tomorrow I have to do it again.