Tonight Hillary Clinton gives her acceptance speech bringing the Convention to a close.  Her job must be to state her values and what energy she will bring to the issues most Americans care about.  Last night VP Biden preceded Tim Kaine’s acceptance to be the next VP.  He floated positive ideas, and then contrasted them to a portrayal of how Democrats view Donald Trump.  This would be all right, but there is an overuse  of this theme of denigrating Trump.  So much so that I think it will make the electorate numb to this kind of campaigning.


Bernie has essentially given the same speech multiple times, but it never fails to draw people in.  Yesterday morning was no exception. He spoke to the Massachusetts and Washington State delegations.  It was his most powerful version of his stump speech, and I believe in people’s heart of hearts they had some sense of his allure to his voters.  Only his gender and his career as an independent(not a “real Democrat”)put him second place. It was obvious to everyone as we ate our breakfast that Bernie Sanders is a mensch.

It has been a big frustration to supporters of the Bern that his triumphs have come by losing.  There is admiration for his efforts, and they have produced platform, rules changes, and more progressive stances by Hillary Clinton.  This came out of a model campaign even though he lost.  Realizing this, I got it in my head that it is time for a win-win for Bernie, and also for Hillary, and the American people. I approached Senator Markey, Secretary Galvin, Paul Feeney(Ma campaign director for Bernie), Hillary delegates, fellow Bernie delegates, and in addition conducted an interview at the Pa Convention Center(not to be confused with the Wells Fargo Convention Center) that Senator Sanders should be assured of a Chairmanship of the Health Services Committee. His strong advocacy of single payer would have solid advancement if the Dems retake the Senate.  If that approval could be forthcoming now, it could be used as a campaign promise by HRC with the following possible results.  It would be a win for Bernie and his supporters.  Berniecrats could vote more enthusiastically for Clinton, and a “yuggghe” win for  the American people. Finally there would be some hope for real health insurance reform.

Me being interviewed on Tuesday

Tomorrow the last installment covering today’s events.