Preceded by numerous speakers bashing Mr. Trump, and a syrupy introduction by her daughter Chelsea, Democratic Nominee for President, took to the podium.  I chose to see it with some new friends from the Bernie delegates at an Italian restaurant Watch Party. They said there would be “light food” served.  It was on an equal plain as any Roman Bacchanal.

My hopes for her speech were to lay out a clear direction for her candidacy as a future President.  I was quite satisfied.  She embraced the strongest points of Bernie Sanders, and only contrasted them with Mr. Trumps proposals.  There were no long rants against the Donald, but more of a message of progress.  I hope she means it.  We know she can slip back into a more conservative mode, but with what was in her acceptance speech, there is plenty of ammunition to hold her feet to the fire.  Bernie delegates and supporters are organizing to elect down ballot officials who are progressives, and stand ready to keep the pressure on that there will be no backtracking on her promises.  I count myself one of these who want the energy from the Sanders effort to land in legislation and Supreme Court Justices who are on board with a modern view of our Constitution.

Image: US-VOTE-DEMOCRATS-CONVENTION dem-2016-convention_satc-3.jpg

It is still unclear which camp she will pick for cabinet positions if she wins.  Any deference to corporations may make her an one term President.  Time will tell.

So now it’s back to summertime on Nantucket.  I’m going to take a rest from political action while on the Island.  I met an old friend from NH, a Hillary supporter, and I decided I would only go up to the Granite State to do campaign work only with him.  He is a proud Mexican American, but more importantly there is a four year old home cooked Mexican dinner he has not cashed in yet.  He said he would make good on his promise when we reunited in the Convention halls.

So it’s adieu to this primary season, but I will be back in action in September.  Massachusetts Bernie delegates will meet together in October to make sure our issues persevere.  The future seems a little brighter after these last 4 days.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed.