So Bernie endorses Hillary, somewhat.  It was only in the light of those issues they agreed on.  There will be a roll call vote on the nomination at the Convention.  In a way, it was a bit uncomfortable as Bernie easily took command of the rally.  He conceded by conceding nothing.  Hillary followed, but her themes were mostly in attack mode against Donald Trump.

Bernie did some of that, but only with more prominent backdrop of the issues he supports, and the Donald does not.  Bernie Delegates should understand that his endorsement, more a Democratic Party endorsement, came with a strong vindication of his candidacy.


Tomorrow in Portsmouth, NH, it will be the Hillary and Bernie Show.  I wish I was a fly on the wall as the two campaigns came to an agreed conclusion.  The Bernie delegates want this to occur at the Convention, but it might be better to trust our candidate’s judgment.  It is time to decide whether honey or vinegar wins the day.  Bernie seems to have chosen the former.  For myself, I really don’t know what the right political decision is.

Anyway Bernie is not going away.  He wants to keep his options open, namely to be chairman of an important committee in the Senate.  I know he will work as hard as anyone to secure a Democratic majority once again.  Even without this historic run for the Presidency, his career will make it into the history books, and he will serve as a model for good government for those who choose a path of political leadership.


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At the final Platform Committee meeting in Orlando both Single Payer and opposition to TPP were voted down.  The nursing union representative failed to move the Clinton delegates saying this forum is the only place where Democrats disagree on these issues.  By polls, 85% of Democrats and 58% of the general public favor Medicare For All.  The same goes for the non support of TPP.

It is sad that the entrenched party members do not see the economic and general survival aspects of these two issues.  The TPP has been shown to be worker non friendly, essentially in all covered countries, and unavailable affordable health insurance costs lives.  The goal posts are non existent for these party officials as they display their political angst to ask for bolder change.  In their mind it takes away votes, but, in reality, would attract more to their side.

Worse still, too many Clinton supporters feel they are the winners and should dictate what is to be supported.  Healthy discussion is frowned upon, and refuse to see the light on the most basic problems we face.  It’s all about political calculations.

Racial unrest is raising its ugly head through ugly incidents.  Afro American men lost their life at the hands of police.  Police lost their lives as the butt of individual anger by other instances.  These events occurred within a week.  My view is our history has emblazoned major discomfort and distrust among our citizens by their phenotype or by where they live.  Answers do not stand with the police, but the marching orders have to come from ordinary people and their elected officials.  The language and emotions are not common enough at present to ease us all into confidence that our most cherished freedom is secured.  Freedom from harm.



On the political front, Mr. Trump is still trying to put together a coherent campaign.  So far because of extra parties(Green/Libertarian) he remains too close in the polls to his rival Hillary Clinton.

The biggest political show of the week was FBI Comey’s assessment of Secretary Clinton’s use of her email.  He called it “extremely careless”, but there was no criminal intent, and recommended no charges be brought.  The DOJ followed suit and brought no charges against her or any of her close staff.  For her part Ms. Clinton, via an interview on PBS, continued to call it a “mistake” to have used a private system.  GOP legislators strongly disagreed and the saga will continue on 2 fronts.  The IG Department of the State Department will look more closely if classified documents were improperly handled, now that the FBI is done.  The House Oversight Committee will ask the FBI if Ms. Clinton lied under oath when she said that none of her emails were marked classified when they were sent.  They also set their sights on her lawyers.  Director Comey said they did not have authority to handle government information.  Apparently the FBI’s scope of inquiry did not include these issues with the claim they would have to be asked to proceed on those fronts.

The Convention itself is shaping up with parties, protests, and rallies.  So more to come.


Across the country state, by state Bernie groups and delegates are organizing to continue our quest for social, economic, and political justice.  The Clinton and Trump campaigns are mired in calling each other out along with their surrogates.  The conversation with the American people has been set aside by both camps.  Ms. Clinton was interviewed by the FBI, and she said she “welcomed it”.  No criminal activity IMO took place, but the height of stupidity prevailed on her part, added on by former President Clinton popping in for a “friendly chat” with AG Loretta Lynch just before it happened.  Totally unnecessary optics.

In the meantime Mr. Trump puts out an ad calling Ms. Clinton corrupt, but uses a 5 pointed message box with paper money in the background.  A indignant cry from media responded with a charge of antisemitism.  Unfortunate conversation box choice, but do not think Trump was making an anti Jewish statement.  His immediate family has Jewish members and HRC practices Methodism.  Just a screwup, and the self righteous condemnation will only solidify his votes.

Many intra-state and inter-state organizations for supporting Bernie’s agenda are taking shape, and more importantly communicating with each other.  There is already some 10 states or so that have reached out to each other.

The campaign wants to make sure all delegates show up.  Being there is 80% of the battle. The Platform Committee has some turns towards our campaign, the $15/hr MW, abolishing the death penalty were accepted.  They chickened out on fracking, single payer, and the TPP.  This battle is going to be won on the streets and ballot box.  SP gets a vote in Orlando.

I have to say Ms. Clinton may have won the Democratic nomination via Party stalwarts, but winning the hearts and minds of the general public is tough going.  When 3rd parties are added in, she is either tied with Trump or within the margin of error.  Both of these candidates are widely known, and yet neither commands a majority of the vote.  There may be a win for Ms. Clinton, but it will be by much less than a majority of the potential vote.  A sad state of affairs.





Donald Trump’s crassness is making him persona non grata where it counts, the delegates who were pledged to him.  The Huffington Post reports that “dozens” who are in that situation want the rules changed to allow these delegates to vote for someone else.  They do have that power if enough of them stand up to make it so.

If this happens, chaos will reign supreme at the Republic Convention in Cleveland.  It is worth mentioning it is a week before the Democratic Convention.  In that stew of disarray, John Kasich could become the nominee since Rubio and Cruz are not particularly favorites, and the Ohio Governor is the only one who has beaten Hillary where it can do some damage, namely Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, and possibly Virginia.

Of course this heavy conjecture on my part.  Democratic Super Delegates’ loyalty  will be tested if someone like Governor Kasich becomes the nominee.  The horse race completely changes.  Granted Mr. Kasich wears his religion on his sleeve, and had to be stopped having his beliefs imposed on his own citizens at least twice by the courts and a public referendum.  He also worked as an local executive, Lehman Brothers, up until its ignominious end.  However he has favorability with the public, and in his home state. Democratic angst is sure to be released if that situation comes up.

The background noise, mostly unproven, is voter fraud in Democratic primaries, and issues hanging over the head of the Dem frontrunner.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump addresses an audience at The Fox Theatre in Atlanta               kasich-for-america-banner-2


Bernie only took 2 small states on June 7th, and Hillary had comfortable margins in CA and NJ.  Bernie will still carry on until the last primary, Washington DC.  However after meeting with President Obama, the Prez endorsed HRC.  Later in the same evening Elizabeth Warren also backed Hillary Clinton.  However even though firm in their endorsement, there was high praise for Bernie as having strong values and his attraction to the young and independents.  There is this lingering wish that he was 20 years younger, and a lifelong Democrat.  However he would not have been who he is.  Always ahead in his thinking, but free of influence of loyalty oaths and outside wealthy donors.

On Sunday, June 12th, the NY Times columnist satirized the hour long meeting between Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton.  The thrust from Maureen Dowd, a perennial critic of the Clintons, was their alliance is more perfunctory than deep.  For the 7th time or so my comment  was picked by the Times as their “best” selection.  You can click on the link for what I said, but generally reflects the thoughts above.